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About Us

We provide online personal loan to salaried & self-employed individuals in India with minimal documentation. As we know personal loans are unsecured loans provided to individuals on the basis of their credit history. Personal loans can be huge reassurance in times of adhoc financial crunch. It can be your ‘all weather’ friend to serve all your purposes and leave your savings untouched. Get multipurpose personal loan without any collateral or security from us.

Types of Personal Loans

On the basis of your needs, below are the different types of loans which can be availed in India from Us:

1.    Travel Loan : When you have travel on your mind, why delay it? Our personal loan for travel can be helpful to bear your travel expenses. Don’t think longer, avail easy holiday loans for a comfortable vacation.
2.    Medical Emergency Loan : Whether it’s a surgery/operation or a regular doctor consultation, it can get expensive to manage. A medical loan from We can assist to stay cash ready at the helm of contingencies.
3.    Marriage Loan : Marriages can be a grand auspicious ceremony to be celebrated in an extraordinary way. Plan your dream wedding with Our Personal Loan with quick disbursal.
4.    Small Business Loan : If you want a small business loan for your startup or existing business. A personal loan for business is the perfect solution to meet your business needs.
5.    Home Renovation Loan : A Home Improvement personal loan can help in your essential repairs, long due maintenance and classic interiors for a beautiful living. Apply for a Personal Loan for Home Renovation.
6.    Education Loan : Education is crucial for career building. Home Credit personal loans for students provide the comfort of repayments once the course gets over.

Best Instant Personal Loan Offers

We offer instant loan online starting from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 with quick approval and fast disbursals at a competitive rate of interest. Pay easy EMIs as low as Rs.1000* and quickly meet your financial needs with 0 % processing fees.
Borrowing from family and friends can be embarrassing in most cases. Instant loans by us can get you fastest cash at the click of a button. Now, no more sharing awkward moments with family and friends.

Get Personal Loan Instant Approval from Us Across India

We take pride to serve in 200+ regions across India with instant approval available 24/7. We ensure to meet your financial goals at our fullest potential. Simply search for Our Personal Loan and find us on top! Our personal loans will never disappoint you and ensure timely resolution.
Top 10 Reasons To Apply For An Instant Loan From Us
A personal loan has the potential to be an extremely useful financial self-help tool. As it’s a form of unsecured credit, the money can be used for any reason without worries.
Still confused? Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons why people take instant loans to give you a better idea.
1.    Debt Consolidation: Pay off all your high-interest loans with a low-interest personal loan
2.    Build Credit History: Get a loan and pay it all back on time to build a solid credit score
3.    Home Remodeling: Finance your new-look home improvement project that oozes style
4.    Dream Vacations: Head out for a much-needed holiday to an exotic location
5.    Emergency Expenses: Cover all unexpected expenses and bills, such as medical costs
6.    D-Day Events: Organize your biggest events – weddings & parties – the way you want to
7.    Business Ventures: Start your own business without worrying about initial investment
8.    Credit Card Dues: Pay off all your high-interest credit card charges
9.    Higher Education: Study as much as you want to without worrying about course fees
10.    Interior Furnishing: Remodel your home’s interior with the latest designs

How To Track Your Instant Loan Application

Once you’ve submitted your loan application, there are multiple ways how you can track its status depending on which platform you’ve applied from.
Here are the main steps you’ll need to follow:
1. If you’ve applied on our website
•    Go to the login section on our website, Click here: /apply-loan/signup
•    Login in to your loan account with your registered email ID
•    Go to the “Dashboard” section of your loan account
•    Scroll down to the “Application Status” tab to know the status of your loan application
2. If you’ve applied on our app
•    Open the Website
•    Register yourself with a valid email ID if you haven’t done it yet
•    If you have the Our app, head over to the “Loans” section
•    Once you switch over, you’ll be automatically directed to the “Application Status” screen where you can check your application details
•    If you have the Our app, you’ll be directed to the “Application Status” screen automatically as soon as you open it

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*Get answers to common questions through our help center.

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Here are the top features and benefits of an Instant, Paperless loan from us:

  • Check your eligibility for an instant loan in 2 minutes
  • Borrow any amount starting from Rs. 10,000 and going up to Rs. 5,00,000
  • Enjoy flexible repayment terms of up to 5 years
  • Loan amount is disbursed to your account in just 2 HOURS of approval
  • Benefit from low interest rates starting from 1.33% per month
  • From documentation to repayment, the entire process is done digitally
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